Saturday, July 3, 2010

Blouse Lycra Cotton RM45 Red Indian-Yellow, Red, Green

Muslimah t shirt corak 5

Muslimah t shirt Corak 4 RM42

Muslimah t shirt Corak 3 RM42

Muslimah t shirt corak 2 RM42

Muslimah t shirt RM42 Corak 1

Muslimah T shirt RM42

Muslimah T shirt RM42

Muslimah T shirt RM42

Muslimah tshirt RM39 with hood

Muslimah T shirt RM39

Muslimah T shirt RM39

T shirt Muslimah with lace RM39

Bamboo shirt RM 39

Bamboo fabric - What's great about Bamboo Fabric?

-antibacterial, thus free from odour and you will smell and feel good

-absorbs sweat well, keeping you dry by absorbing moisture from your skin

-works as an insulator, keeping cool in summer and warm in cold air-conditioned room

-one of the softest fabrics

-comes with natural UV protection factor

-hypoallergenic as bamboo does not cause allergic reactions